Neodymium Disc Magnets – A Short Guide to Their Specific Properties

Neodymium discs are around flat disk shaped Neodymium magnets. The inner layer of some Neodymium magnetic substance contains Dysferromagnetic material (DyF) that is responsible for its magnetic properties of this disk. A thin coating of Neodymium disc magnets metal, which can be known as the”Black Metal” flows through the gaps between the Neodymium layers creating a mutual attraction between both Neodymium layers. An extremely powerful permanent magnetic field subsequently develops which empowers the Neodymium to transfer energy to a object which is moved from the Neodymium. Neodymium is used in many applications where high energy performance, durability and long life are essential.

NdFeB (Rare Earth Basing) disc magnets are hexagonal coin-like magnets having thick, horizontal outer surfaces plus a smaller internal surface. A skinny black ring of Dysferromagnetic substance flows through the openings between the Neodymium layers creating a mutual fascination between the two layers. A slightly bigger diameter heavier magnet can be utilised to create a repulsive pulling force that may be more useful than a bigger diameter magnet. NdFeB magnets have higher triggered induction energy and a more powerful pull force than other types of Neodymium Disc Magnets.

From the circumstance of electro-magnetic apparatus the most common application is for the supply of a mechanical power transport. This can be achieved by passing an electrical current throughout the Neodymium material so that it creates a pulling force that’s similar to what occurs when weight is pulled by an unseen force. The attraction produced is a powerful transfer of energy. As an example, at a typical notebook battery that an electric current is passed through the material to ensure a charge is created. The Neodymium disc magnets substance produces a repulsion that pulls the battery to the outside battery power source, or so the charge stays there even if the battery is switched off.

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